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Finder Newspaper Issune No 251

Posted by David on November 19, 2020 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (1)

The Paper that reveals!

Students suffer in Murang�??a

Posted by David on November 19, 2020 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (1)

Students sharing mattresses in a room in Mumbi Estate after conning their parents


Hi Finder Newspaper......

My name is Stephine Otieno, am from Busia. I am a student at Murang’a University College. After Corona came and schools were ordered to close down, I lied to my parents that we were allowed to go to classes in turns, like a group of 10 in a hall.

I also lied to them that we would be doing Zoom classes (they don’t know what that is so it was easy for them to fall for that) They sent me the school fees, I was not alone...

Seeing that some of my other comrades used almost the same trick on their parent. We were sent the school fees and we would hold parties and spend the money meant for school. We spent it all and our parents kept sending more knowing that their children will be done with school soon and probably help them later.

I feel so terrible about this, we were to finish school on September 1st so our parents are not sending us money anymore.

After we finished spending the last coin, we were kicked out of the rooms we had rented. We had to look for an affordable double room in Mumbi estate which would fit 6 guys and 6 ladies.

We found one but now tomorrow we are supposed to pay the rent and no one has the cash and we can’t ask for money from home because our parents will tell us to go home and obviously will ask for proof of the lectures we attended.

One of the ladies has already been told not to step to her home cause her parents already knows that she lied to them.

We have sold literally everything we had, we only have three mattress and a few beddings na a few utensils, we sold even our phones and laptops to pay for bills of last month.

The reason for me to share this is not to look for sympathy or pity, I just want your Newspaper to share my story so that any other student who wants to lie to the parent or has started lying to them can stop doing it as early as now.

I won’t ask money from you Finder Newspaper because I already wasted my chance on parties, just share my story please with your audience.

I will try as much as possible to be at peace with my parents and I hope my friends will be fine too. Am traveling back home today (nilikopa fare kwa mama fulani na sitamlipa juu hatutapatana tena).

Kindly share my story. Thanks


Editorial :We have few learned judges in Kenya

Posted by David on November 19, 2020 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (1)

In Kenya, there is only few Advocates or Judges who can call themselves ...”Learned Friends”...that’s why most judgements are narrow minded and don’t take consideration of the circumstances and the bigger picture....

First, the problem we have is training of lawyer’s.

If you look at developed countries like USA, you first have to go through 4 year bachelor degree -history, social science, business etc. and then apply for admission to law school to pursue law degree, that’s why they are called “Learned Friends”.

In UK, you see someone pursuing Bachelor of Law (LLB) with Enonomics, sociology, in Europe and US most prominent advocates, Judge study another degrees or post graduate courses in Management, social science, political sciences etc....these way, the Judges or Advocates are able to make more fair judgements irrespective of what the law says.... that’s where the word ‘Judge’ comes from.....

BUT Maraga type bahave like a train in the railway track or the way a guard who refuses to open a door when he ordered President Uhuru to dissolve parliament purposely because of it not fulfilling a constituitional clause on gender balance.

However, legal jargons including the AG have challenged the CJ’s legal interpretation using the very constitution .Way Forward: For Kenya to have learned judges like US and UK, Kenya should too carbon copy the legal training of their judges as they copied the constitution.


Murang�??a Water and Sewerage Company in a tag of war with Murang�??a High School

Posted by David on November 19, 2020 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (2)

A tag of war on sewerage between MUWASCO and Murang’a High School leaves residents of St. Mary village in Kiharu Constituency living with open sewer flows to their houses.

MUWASCO Managing Director Engineer Daniel Ng’ang’a calls for the school to pave way for the sewer line as the school’s parents Teachers Association Chair Captain Amos Njoroge vows no sewer leeway will be allowed inside the school compound citing développement projects that are underway.


Fruits vendor temporarily kidnapped in Murang�??a Town on Saturday 19th September 2020

Posted by David on November 19, 2020 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

A middle aged woman known as Wa Njoroge who sell fruits like ripe bananas direct opposite Unaitas Sacco along Uhuru Highway in Murang’a Town was temporarily kidnapped on Saturday 19th September 2020.

Speaking to The Finder Mole few minutes after the incident she had this to say.

“ I was outside Murang’a Doctors Plaza near Co-operate Bank when a youthful lady called me mum and asked me to show her a medical clinic that was recently opened by a doctor from Nairobi.’

She explained that, even before she answered her, another plump lady came from the opposite direction and the very girl verbally greeted her and asked her whether she knows of a doctor who recently came from Nairobi and opened a medical clinic in Murang’a town and the fat lady answered yes.

Wanjoroge added that, the plump lady asked the girl whether she is the one who works with Kameme Radio and she answered in agreement.

‘As we discussed, a car with tainted windows slowed near where we stood and the plump lady said it was her husband.”

Wanjoroge said that, she does not know how she found herself inside the very car where she found another youthful lady.

Inside, the car, the lady who first approached her started to prophesy about the life of the driver. She then turned to her and told her that she has been revealed about her struggling life and other ordinary things.

She said the male driver suggested they drive to a lonely place so that the gifted lady could prophesy more on their life.

‘She asked me how much money I had in the bank and I told her I had nill. The plump lady said she had with her 80k. I told them that I had only Kshs 100 in my pocket. ‘

When the car reached Maguna Andu Teke Teke Supermarket in Mukuyu Market , it slowed down due to the bumper to bumper, it is when I came back to my normal senses and realised I was being kidnapped ‘

Wanjoroge explained that, she quickly held the door’s handle and told them that she felt to answer a call of nature at Maguna Andu customer’s washroom but they told her not to open the door while the car was moving.

‘ I refused to release the door’s handle a thing that forced the driver to stop the car. When I stepped outside the car speedily drove off”. ‘Wanjoroge then boarded a Mukuyu Matatu and alighted in Murang’a Town where she sells her fruits on a small portable wooden table direct Unaitas Sacco.

Of recent, many people have undergone similar ordeals in Murang’a County where victims narrate shocking painful experience in the hands of kidnappers.

Editor’s Comment

Maintain social distance to strangers, don’t accept handshake, or leaflets.

If a stranger ask you for help especially in a deserted area, pretend to be dump and deaf

If you are in town, tell the stranger to seek help from company uniform guards outside business premises like banking halls and don’t entertain any other dialogue

For those selling perfumes, never accept to sniff perfumes from strangers.

While waiting for a vehicle, avoid free lifts from strangers even if they call you by your name or your professional name.

The bottom line :Use all your sixth common senses.


Former Presidential candidate from Murang�??a Peter Kenneth ordained by a section of Kikuyu elders

Posted by David on November 16, 2020 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (3)

A section of Kikuyu Elders have ordained Peter Kenneth as community’s cultural Ambassador.

Kenneth however dismissed claims that the coronation ceremony was meant to make him Mt Kenya region’s political kingpin.

He added that he was seriously keeping off politics as was directed by President Kenyatta.


93 -year-old man misses pesa ya wazee after opening an account at Equity Murang�??a Branch

Posted by David on November 16, 2020 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (2)

Mzee Mwangi Kaingi 93-years-old at Finder Office

Mzee Mwangi Kaingi 93-years-old from Kambwe village, Township location, Kiharu Constituency in Murang’a County laments that, he was given a token by a social officer Murang’a to go and open an Account at Equity Murang’a Branch.

He showed The Finder Mole a small notebook where his elder son Maina Ndegwa has written that his father Mwangi Kaingi opened an Account No 006017820059 on January 12th 2019 at Equity Bank Murang’a Branch.

Kaingi says he started receiving pesa ya wazee from the year 2017 and continued getting the same up to 2018 using Inua Jamii card from KCB Murang’a Branch.

He says after opening the Equity Account through the strength of the token from the social officer, the then Equity serving clerk asked him to surrender his Inua Jamii card to her and he faithfully obliged.

He says the Equity serving clerk told him to go home and wait. Kaingi added that, after learning from a reliable source that the elderly were being paid, he went and lined like everybody else but when he reached to the serving clerk and handed over his National ID, he was told his money has not been credited a thing that made him to go back to the social office Murang’a.

He says, he even reported the matter to Governor Wairia who connected him with one of his officers who too did not help. He further added that, he visited the County Commissioner whose office liaised with the chief who advised him to be registered afresh.

The Finder Mole summoned his elder son and advised him to take his dad to Equity Murang’a branch armed with the account number that was opened on 12th January 2019 and asked them to report back on their findings.

After sometimes, they phoned and reported that the reception clerk at Murang’a Equity branch told them there is no such account.


1. Why did Equity serving clerk who helped the Mzee to open an account using the token asked him to surrender his old Inua Jamii card from KCB without giving him a photocopy of the same?

Kaingi usually signs his documents not through a finger print, can it be possible that, the serving clerk who opened him an account forged Mzee’s signature and used details from his National ID to be withdrawing his money?

In case you have a way of helping Mzee Mwangi Kaingi resume getting pesa ya wazee money as his agemates, don’t hesitate to offer a piece of advice through our Finder Newspaper in Facebook hotline number 0720566072


Angry Sabina Chege attack DP and allies

Posted by David on November 16, 2020 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (3)

“Kama Ruto anataka Kujenga makanisa, aanze na ile ilichomeka Kiambaa 2007. Kaeni kwenu, kwenu mko na kazi na hamjaimaliza. Malizeni kazi za kwenu na muachana na Murang’a,” Sabina is alleged to have said.

She has accused the Detuty President Dr. William Ruto of stage managing violence at his own functions.

“Those who have eyes can see. I have seen videos of people who were coached to drag my name in the events of Sunday 4th October 2020.

Some people have a tendency of orchestrating chaos and then blame it on others,.

Said Sabina.



Posted by David on November 16, 2020 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (1)

Fr. Joakim Getonga husband to the deceased


We the family of the late Joice Wambui Gitonga wish to express our thanks and gratitude to all those who participated in a glorious well attended Memorial Church funeral at St. Peter Claver Catholic Church Kongui-ni and her burial at her Kongui-ni village on Friday 28th August 2020.

We appreciated very much the participation of so many Catholic priests who knew her faith and came to say the Requiem Mass together with the parish priest in honour of Joice Gitonga and finally blessed the cemetery where her body was laid to rest in peace at her home in Kongui-ini village.

We too wish to thank all Christians of all faith who knew Joice and graced her funeral and spoke so well about her religious life and generosity to the abandoned and poor children.

We cannot forget to express our sincere gratitude to our friends who contributed towards Joice’s funeral expenses. We appreciated so much those who were unable to attend to the funeral physically but sent their contributions through their phones.

Let our thanks go to those who dug the grave and all those who were attending the visitors at our home. We also thanks all the Church and Social Groups of which Joice was a leader or a member who fully participated and spoke so well about Mama Waithira and made contributions towards her funeral.

We wish also to sincerely thank all the Doctors and Nurses who treated her and tried their best to save her life but her Eternal God said no. Let Joice go to be rewarded for her good work on Earth.

May Joice rest in peace. Amen


Nairobi : Mother give birth outside Pumwani Hospital

Posted by David on November 16, 2020 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (2)

A mother give birth outside Pumwani Hospital after denied entry but later NMS released an appologetic press statement (Read Full story in Finder Newspaper in Facebook)