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Students suffer in Murang�??a

Posted by David on November 19, 2020 at 9:00 AM

Students sharing mattresses in a room in Mumbi Estate after conning their parents


Hi Finder Newspaper......

My name is Stephine Otieno, am from Busia. I am a student at Murang’a University College. After Corona came and schools were ordered to close down, I lied to my parents that we were allowed to go to classes in turns, like a group of 10 in a hall.

I also lied to them that we would be doing Zoom classes (they don’t know what that is so it was easy for them to fall for that) They sent me the school fees, I was not alone...

Seeing that some of my other comrades used almost the same trick on their parent. We were sent the school fees and we would hold parties and spend the money meant for school. We spent it all and our parents kept sending more knowing that their children will be done with school soon and probably help them later.

I feel so terrible about this, we were to finish school on September 1st so our parents are not sending us money anymore.

After we finished spending the last coin, we were kicked out of the rooms we had rented. We had to look for an affordable double room in Mumbi estate which would fit 6 guys and 6 ladies.

We found one but now tomorrow we are supposed to pay the rent and no one has the cash and we can’t ask for money from home because our parents will tell us to go home and obviously will ask for proof of the lectures we attended.

One of the ladies has already been told not to step to her home cause her parents already knows that she lied to them.

We have sold literally everything we had, we only have three mattress and a few beddings na a few utensils, we sold even our phones and laptops to pay for bills of last month.

The reason for me to share this is not to look for sympathy or pity, I just want your Newspaper to share my story so that any other student who wants to lie to the parent or has started lying to them can stop doing it as early as now.

I won’t ask money from you Finder Newspaper because I already wasted my chance on parties, just share my story please with your audience.

I will try as much as possible to be at peace with my parents and I hope my friends will be fine too. Am traveling back home today (nilikopa fare kwa mama fulani na sitamlipa juu hatutapatana tena).

Kindly share my story. Thanks


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