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Helping creative writers in Kenya

Iam a creative writer by profession, several young people aproaches me seeking guidance on  how they can get published either as a self publisher or through a publising frm.

As the author of THE TERRORIST HUNTER,  NEW WORLD ORDER FRUSTRATED and CLONED MANKIND  Novels, that are latest by Wordcart,og as 'The Most widely word of David Gachuhi held by mopre than 69 university libraries worldwide'

I have  noted with a lot of concern  that , most young people  have talents and passions of writing but there are so many logistical problem sranging from lack of exposure and  finacial constraints that prevent them in getting published.

With a budget of at least  US$ 100,000-USD200,000, I can cordinate and bring together the interested  talented unpublished  witers by organising   seminars at different  regions, source experinced   facilitators  and marketers conversant with publishing requirements  and train them on  how they can  get published.

Here in Kenya, unles one is anaggresive person, his or her manuscript end ups unpublished.  

Iam appelaing to the people of good will to  donate  any amount of money towards  Daga Finder Enterprises Foundation so that I  help'  'these talented  young creative writer''  iin making their dreams a reality

Yours Respectively

David Gachuhi

CEO Daga Finder Enterprises

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